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MAY 2020

Homepage relaunch 2020

You have probably already noticed that our homepage has been shining in a new look lately. After a few years it was time for a relaunch, which now also visually underlines the development of the brand Weyergans High Care®. The new design not only promises a modern and fresh look, it should also be easy to use for you. In the future, the simple user interface will give you an insight into our entire product portfolio quickly and easily. We hope you enjoy exploring our new homepage!

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Thank you, Beauty Farm


APRIL 2020

We say "Thank you, Beauty Farm"!

Who would have thought a few weeks ago that respiratory masks are currently more valuable than ever before and hard to get. Our customer from China, the company Beauty Farm from Shanghai, has provided us with masks as a sign of solidarity in the Corona crisis. From Monday, the mask requirement also applies to North Rhine-Westphalia - so this gift just comes to the right time. We say "Thank you, Beauty Farm"! One world - We stay together - Together we care!

Jasmin Mueller (Member of Board), Rudolf Weyergans (Company Founder of Weyergans High Care AG) and Daniel Lentzen (Head of Export Administration)

Webinar international


APRIL 2020

International training during the crisis

Opportunity for beauticians from five continents. Invitation.

Beauticians from all over the world stay strong and together. Not just in a crisis. Weyergans High Care Cosmetics' partners and those who want to become one can use the Corona lock-down period for further training.

On Thursday, April 23rd and Friday, April 24th, Weyergans High Care Cosmetics offers webinars on exciting and innovative cosmetic topics. It will be the largest international cosmetics training course ever seen on this beautiful planet. The goal: 500 participants from over 50 countries can take part. The seminar will be held in English. The presenter will be Rudolf Weyergans himself. For detailed information on the topics and registration please click here. As a sign of solidarity during the current crisis, the webinars are for free.

Please stay healthy!


MARCH 2020

Please stay healthy!

Crisis also means opportunity. As a precaution, half of the team at Weyergans High Care® Cosmetics works from home. So the employees are valued and we can maintain the operation for you permanently. We can still be reached by phone (and mail) at the usual times - because we would like to be there for you and show you that we live the often repeated philosophy of the 'Weyergans family' 100%. Always keep in mind: even in the toughest winter, trees never stop growing; they grow underground and form new roots for spring when the sun shines again. As a society, we will master the current situation together if we adhere to the rules of the experts. Maybe slowing down is good for all of us and sharpens our eyes for what is really important in life. Against this background, we primarily wish you health for yourself, your family and friends - for all of us!

Yours, Rudolf Weyergans

News First Bodyguard


MARCH 2020

First Bodyguard

This is what she looks like - the most innovative German cosmetician and physiotherapist at the moment, Michaela Emmrich! Ms. Emmrich decided on purchasing the unique Bodyguard 45 minutes before the official opening of the vernissage. From now on, she will offer her clients beauty&health in a unique combination. The revolutionary process was developed in Germany and is even patented. You are interested? HERE you can learn more about the innovative cosmetic treatment.

Vacusport in Madrid


MARCH 2020

Vacusport in Madrid

Take a look at the Vacusport device applied at the Motor & Sport Institute in Madrid - they are counting on the best innovation made by Weyergans for boosting regeneration and rehabilitation by supporting peripheral perfusion and vascular flow. This is how they describe themselves at their homepage: The Motor & Sport Institute is a unique space in the world with 15,000 m2 for training, sports and technology. In these facilities, the latest technology and the latest equipment coexist with incredible experiences and events for customers. HERE you can learn more about the Vacusport.

News Pure Longevity


FEB 2020

Luxury care @ Pure Line

From now on, the luxurious Self Deep Care Concentrate will not only appear in the elegant and new pump dispenser, but also with a new name: Pure Longevity. This unique concentrate ensures a long-lasting firming effect. The snow algae it contains deeply affects the skin and specifically strengthens the collagen fibers. This promotes skin elasticity and extends the life of the collagen fibers. For more than youthful skin! Would you like to learn more? We are happy to help you at export@weyergans.de or 0049-2421 - 96780!

News IVT Zagreb


JAN 2020

IVT now available at Zagreb

Rudolf Weyergans visited our partner at his institute 'Body Balance' at Zagreb for preparing the inauguration of the Intermittent Vacuum Therapy - IVT - with the unique VACUMED® device. Also on board 'Velibor Viboh', one of the most qualified physiotherapists in Croatia and well known for being the physio of many athletes and Olympic winners. HERE you can learn more about the low pressure device.